Another day, another moon landing!

Baby Doge Rocket is a community-driven, meme-worthy protocol with actual use cases and utility within the BSC ecosystem. Baby Doge Rocket is a BEP-20 token with deflationary, autonomous yield, and liquidity generation features. Bringing the most advanced smart contract features to our holders!

The BabyDogeRocket Mission

Us at Baby Doge Rocket understand the importance of marketing for the survivability of any new project. We already have a large marketing budget ready and marketing tokenomics to fuel it for the long term. But the most important step of any marketing is the word of mouth. The only way this works is by working together as a community. 

Click on the Official Rocketmap and Whitepaper below to learn more about our plans!


Buyback / Burn

3% Buyback/Burn to make sure the value of $BABYDOGEROCKET stays stable or increases as tokens are removed from the supply forever.

User Rewards

3% tax is cut on each transaction, which rewards every user with free tokens in their wallets, as people conduct transactions. Holders are effectively paid for holding $BABYDOGEROCKET tokens in their wallets.

Pancakeswap Liquidity

5% tax on each transaction is set aside to automatically generate liquidity inside PancakeSwap liquidity pools. 50/50 value of tokens and BNB is added. This function solidifies Baby Doge Rocket’s future. And all LP tokens will be burned so the liquidity will be locked for ever

Marketing Wallet

4% are auto distributed to the marketing wallet, which has strict rules and goals for its use. This is necessary to guarantee reliable and steady marketing.

BDR Cross Chain Multiswap

We are building the easiest crosschain swap application for crypto!

Our Baby Doge Rocket (BDR) cross-chain multi swap enables trading tokens across different blockchains, but without using an intermediary party (e.g. an exchange service) in the process.

We all know the frustrating challenges when one wants to buy a token on ex. Pancakeswap, but you only have ERC-20 tokens in your wallet.

We at Baby Doge Rocket have started developing a true Cross Chain Muti-swap Dapp.

This will make it easy for all to swap tokens across all chains with a simple few mouse clicks.


When it comes to blockchain technology and crypto operations, we definitely have to think about securing our solution and digital assets from cybercriminals looking for easy profits.

All our contracts and related Dapps will be Audited by Certik for optimized and verified security.


It's not just another dream. It's a promise